Death – Burial – Resurrection [Concertina Greeting Card]

Death-Burial-Resurrection - Download EXCard-Photo#1Card-Photo#2SHARE THE TRUTH WITH SOMEONE THIS ‘EASTER’ [APRIL 5TH] !!
Brand new Custom Made, Concertina Greeting Card: “Death, Burial & Resurrection”
$4.50 EACH OR PACK OF 3 FOR $9.00 [INCLUDES P & P]

£3.00 EACH OR 3 FOR £6.00 [INCLUDES P & P]

Order now by clicking on the link below:

I created this card out of a strong desire to produce a gift that could be given during (but not limited to) the ‘Easter’ season. An item that conveys biblically what we remember and celebrate throughout this special period in the Christian faith; and to keep this message alive and relevant today.

Artistically, the figure work was influenced by the Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo sketches of old.

The color palette and backgrounds are based on cues from the bible:

The ‘Death’ image portrays the darkness beginning to cover the land at the scene of the crucifixion. [Matthew 27: 45]

Depicted in the ‘Burial’ image is a shaft of light falling on Jesus’ body in the tomb, as the stone is rolled against the entrance, encasing Him in darkness. [Matthew 27: 59 – 60]

Lastly, in the background of the ‘Resurrection’ image, is the Spirit and power of God raising up Jesus and overcoming death. [Acts 2: 24 / Hebrews 2: 14]

The Bible Scriptures have been rendered in a beautiful, classical typeface; with specific character features designed as part of the illustration itself.

Printed on premium high quality 300gsm card

FREE Postage & Packaging


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