Freedom In Christ #1

Freedom In Christ - Download EXFREEDOM IN CHRIST is a completely unique series,
depicting different aspects and benefits of Christ’s atonement for us:

This painting is an attempt to portray what Jesus has done for us in the spirit. As a result of meditating on this subject, I drafted an image of Christ’s crucifixion, but with the removal of the image of the physical cross; seeking to convey Jesus in the spirit, as well in the natural.

The dove represents the Spirit of peace that Christ left to us [John 14: 27], while the ‘streams’ of red express how the blood of Jesus continually cleanses us from from all sin. [1 John 1: 7]


To order a print of Freedom In Christ #1 [$20.00] please click on the link below:

All prints are printed on premium high quality 180gsm paper

All prints are signed by the artist

FREE shipping worldwide

Alternatively, download a Screensaver/Wallpaper [$2.00] from the link below:




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