The Fourth Man – Version 1 [Daniel 3: 25] Angles of Angels Collection

The Fourth Man - V1 [ETSY]The ANGLES OF ANGELS Collection:
This series of works combines the classic, traditional portrayal of angels with a contemporary artistic approach. The collection aims to challenge the viewer’s perception of the supernatural aspects of angelic form and power.

My approach with ‘Angles of Angels’ was to explore forms that suggest movement, growth and (de)materialization; in relationship to angels occupying both the spiritual and physical realms. I’ve also incorporated elements of nature, by basing forms on tree branches, vine growth and cloud structure, then combining them subtly with Art Nouveau and modern Graffiti styles.

Printed on premium high quality 180gsm paper. [ships rolled]

All prints are signed by the artist.

FREE shipping worldwide.

Available to order now [with or without bible scripture] from the link below:

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