Let No One Separate [Valentines Day/Anniversary]



I created these cards and prints out of a strong desire to produce a gift that could be given for (but not limited to) Valentines Day or an Anniversary. An item that captures the affinity between a man and a woman, and also conveys biblically that God instituted and defined the first marriage; and to keep this message alive and relevant today.

When God wanted to show Abraham how many his descendants would be, He showed him the stars! The Apostle Paul also reveals to us, that in eternity our glory will differ as the stars do! The Psalms tell us how the skies proclaim the work of God’s Hands! There is great significance in a starlit sky.

A bridge is a place of crossing. Lives intersecting. Encapsulating encounters. A brushing movement. A flashing glance. A whispered word. The bringing together of different places. Two different people. Meeting.

The moon. The great light of the night sky. Illuminating the moment.

Hidden amongst the shadows of the moon are the subtle silhouettes of trees. Representing time and growth. Necessary elements of a fruitful relationship.

Beneath the bridge we see the ripples of light and shadow upon the water. Movement. Life is always flowing, and even when it slows down, it is never completely static. In the same way, a relationship between two people is a journey, leading to a greater destination; just as the stream flows into the river, thats runs into the larger ocean.

The words of Jesus taken from Matthew 19: 6 are beautifully rendered in Japanese calligraphy on the outside of the card, and in English on the inside: “They are no longer two but one. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.”

Printed on premium high quality 350gsm card

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