About the artist

About the artist



10 thoughts on “About the artist

  1. Excelente trabajo para engrandecer el reino de Dios. Felicidades. Soy un pastor enamorado y apasionado por la creación y el arte. Dios siga usando sus manos, que igual a Dios trazaron el universo para complacer el ojo humano y hacerlo reflexionar sobre la grandeza de su amor y majestad.

    (Excellent work to enlarge the Kingdom of God. Congratulations. I am a pastor in love with and passionate about the creation and art. God continue to use their hands, that like God mapped the universe to please the human eye and make it reflect on the greatness of His love and majesty.)

  2. I really like your work here. Thank you for sharing it with me. God bless you, friend, and your work here. I look forward to sharing more with you in the future.

  3. Thank God for his gift in you. I love art, it speaks to me in more words than most visuals. I can create poems from some of your work. They are amazing! I’ll be sure to mention it to friends, family and colleagues. Blessings.

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